Technical Services

Training solutions for water systemsWhen CWS works with a person, utility, community, there is one priority – give the customer what they need to find a solution. Whether it is a tailored, customized training developed to fit your specific needs, or on-site assistance available in many forms, your best interests are THE priority.

Providing safe drinking water, high quality treated waste water effluent, happy customers and governing councils/boards are your top concerns. Finding the right training and assistance to achieving and maintain that goal long term is the CWS priority.

When you reach out and set up your free initial consultation, proven experience, techniques, and network ensure that your concerns will be addressed. From there a plan of action will be developed and offered as to how best to remedy immediate and future issues and concerns.



Here is a structure of what to expect when you reach out to CWS:

  • Identify and understand the structure and function of the organization or individual to whom technical assistance is provided, resources that can be leveraged, or other additional resources available if applicable
  • Distinguish between symptoms and direct causes of deficiencies within the organization or system and develop a technical assistance approach accordingly
  • Identify specific topics of technical assistance desired or needed in conjunction with a customer
  • Schedule or deliver technical assistance consistent with identified customer needs

Common Administrative Services:

  • Ordinance review and development
  • Asset management and Task Requirement ID and Documentation
  • Manpower estimates based on budget and workload demands
  • Communication procedure and format for communications with staff, customer, and councils
  • Identification of the extent of liaison services desired between the operations staff / management and councils, contractors, engineers, primacy, customers

Common Operational Service:

  • Operational and Managerial Troubleshooting, Daily Operations and Operational Planning, Preventative Maintenance Planning
  • Identify Security, Safety, Health Hazards and Vulnerabilities as well as provide Reports and Contingency Planning
  • Capitol Improvement Planning
  • Regulatory Compliance, Sampling Planning and Assistance, and Records/Report Managing

Planning Services:

  • Facilities planning/scoping, design, and construction services enhancement (Survey/Review/Report)
  • Facilities needs/deficiencies (Customized Survey/Report)
  • Utility Location Manuals and Standard Maintenance Planning and Forms (Including Training)
  • Water and wastewater facilities can be inventoried for spare parts and for a determination of assets value and future replacement needs
  • Survey and ID status/need for a central repositories for composite record drawings, sanitation facilities inventories, engineering reports, designs, customer data, etc.

Our Partners

Below are some of the companies that CWS partners with:

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